Dynamic Brushes & Tool Brushes disclaimer

TPL brushes tool (.tpl)brushes are higher performance brush files that work on CS6 & CC in photoshop they use full capabilities of Photoshop Superior Brush Engine to record flow, pressure and many other unique options for each brush. Only the most updated Photoshop can take advantage of this higher quality brush.

Dynamic brushes (abr) take full advantages of the photoshop brush engine and the brush preset tool. NBK Design dynamic brushes are tested in Photoshop CS5 + and Photoshop CC. It’s important to note dynamic brushes won’t work well or not at all with Photoshop previous versions because some of the brush presets DO NOT EXIST. Brush Preset panel is a key element of dynamic brushes.

Photoshop Elements – NBK Design dynamic brushes are tested in PSE 13 and 14 and are capable to use the brush engine according to these versions. Previous version of PSE do not support such brushes because they lack presets that will make the brush work. It’s important to check each description to make sure which versions were tested.

Important: Photoshop performance (which include brush performance) and erros can occur because machine configurations change from user to user. Machine performance, memory and system can affect how the brushes work or do not work.

 Old machines with less memory will have a tendency to affect Photoshop and Photoshop elements performance and it’s tools.

 For more check adobe help section

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