Make a Wish  – I wish by Marianne – with a little how to do Tutorial

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Make a Wish – I wish by Marianne – with a little how to do Tutorial

Make a Wish – I wish by Marianne

The Make a Wish Collection is totally awesome! It is ful of wonderful products I know you are going to love! Check out the wonderful styles for sure! I made a page called I wish with it and I wrote the global proces of the making for you. Here it is!

I started with the photo. I made it a bit softer and gave it more blue colors.
I blended parts of another photo in with a layermask.
I placed it in a new document.
I used an urban mask as an eraser of my photo. I selected the mask that was above the photo, I clicked on the photolayer and delete. That erased a part of the photo in the shape of the mask!
I used the same mask again and filled it with blue and placed it under the photolayer.
I added the background paper (Solid) under the photolayer. I placed a second paper (Mixed Media) above that layer and blended parts in with a layermask.
I added the ArtGraphic lines and gave them a little bit of shadow.
I placed Bits and Pieces above that layer.
I used a Paint Style on some WA and blended it in with a Blendmode.
I also placed another Mixed Media paper layer on top of the layers and blended a few parts in with a layermask.
I placed the Loopilalooza and colored them white.
I copied and pasted some hearts from an Urban mask and used a Paint Style on them.
I placed the Wordart and colored it and used the Blend If to blend it with the Underlying layer.
I merged the layers and did some sharpening on the textured parts of the page!

You can see some more pages made with this Collection in the NBK Design gallery at Oscraps:

I have used the product: Make a wish by NBK-Design
For this page I used: Make a Wish {Artsy Bits & Pieces}, Make a Wish {artGraphics}, Make a Wish Urban masks
Make a Wish {Paperset: Solids},Make a Wish {Paperset: Mixed Media}, Make a Wish {Painter-Toolbox: Paint-Styles}, Make a Wish {Painter-Toolbox: Shabby-Styles}, Make a Wish {Word Arts}

– the used products can be purchased at:
Oscraps (this is the whole bundle) but you can check the seperate links too!