The Artist`s way of making memory
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Creative Head?

ArtisanScrap presents itself in February 2014 in a completely new look. Modern layout , responsive for mobile and tablet devices. Also, the admin area for designer was brought up to date .

ArtisanScrap would like to offer creative designers a new home. We are happy to see the creative works contain as little as possible commercial use products from other designers .

Here are a few factual information :

  • Shop 20% Commission

  • 1 Store Collab per month (4 papers , 8 elements )

  • 2-3 Commercial -Use Store Collabs per year ( 2 papers , 4 elements )

  • 5 € will be charged if you not participate

  • No forum work

  • 1x per week Newsletter

  • 3x weekly postings on Facebook / Yahoo groups

  •  Zencart by Customscriptz

  •  Help with german translation

  • No minimum number of new products

ArtisanScrap still looking for motivated CT girls who have their heart in the right place and are motivated to make ArtisanScrap to a wider audience:
Here's what I expect :

  • Facebook Account (correspondence goes through a Facebook group CT )

  • Apply the products at : Facebook, your blog, Digishoptalk , Pinterest , Digiscrapaddicts .

  • Creating the layout on appointment

  • 1 Layout per product

  • Since we are not many designers , you expect about 3-4 products per month