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Staycation Collection – Inspiration by Flor (twinsmomflor)

Staycation Collection – Inspiration by Flor (twinsmomflor) Hello Everyone, Flor here with Nicole’s beautiful Staycation collection. These days have been so hard for all the world. This pandemic changed all our lives and rituals. Nicole has created this wonderful collection for those who need to stay home. I am the only one working at home, my teen girls are crazy with the world choices. They understand but they complained. Nicole’s wonderful art have a collection for those home activities when you are on staycation. Let’s all enjoy the time at home even, remember stay home is hard but it saves us and others from getting sick. I love the colors the beautiful skyblue, a lush red and a sunny hope yellow for this collection. I used staycation collection: Bits and Pieces, Artsy Bits and Pieces, Papers, Wordart, Paper Solids, Easy Peasy TP 14 12X12 by NBK Design.
Staycation by @NBK-Design
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