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NOVEMBER Collection – The Packs

I totally missed adding the November Products to the NBK-Design Shop.
Just did that and to show you all the amazing packs I have done for the month, here are the previews to the Packs…. 

Header für NLnbk_PL2015_11_WA nbk_PL2015_11_urbanmasks nbk_PL2015_11_TPP nbk_PL2015_11_TP48 nbk_PL2015_11_TP47 nbk_PL2015_11_TP46 nbk_PL2015_11_TP45 nbk_PL2015_11_TP-bdl nbk_PL2015_11_Swirls nbk_PL2015_11_storybook nbk_PL2015_11_pp-solid nbk_PL2015_11_pp-solid-det nbk_PL2015_11_pp-mixed nbk_PL2015_11_ML nbk_PL2015_11_masks nbk_PL2015_11_JC-B nbk_PL2015_11_JC-A nbk_PL2015_11_Frames nbk_PL2015_11_BDL-weekly nbk_PL2015_11_BDL-storybook nbk_PL2015_11_ABP2 nbk_PL2015_11_ABP1