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An anti-stress therapeutic page

Need to calm down ! ? A little digital painting can be very therapeutic, make you dream, and take you to unknown areas and be so relaxing for the soul and spirit! Just mix the colors, play with the brushes, let the paint take possession of the page and the spirit

I also take a look to the video about digital painting by Nicole a few days ago ! I LOVE her brushs for long time, but using them for a digital painting is a new and so interesting challenge.I did this paint only with the mouse, i don’t have a tablett. But this is very addictive, i think i have to have a talk with Santa ! I used the brushs from the Artcrush08 Collection : my favorite brush is the “ArtisanPen”, this one i used to make the trees trunk !

Art Crush8 Collection by NBK-Design : TLP Shop

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