ArtCrush 10 Inspiration with Anne/aka Oldenmeade

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ArtCrush 10 Inspiration with Anne/aka Oldenmeade

Hi everyone! Anne here with a page I made with NBK Design’s ArtCrush 10 for the Style challenge at The Lilypad.

For this layout I took six different photos (house, lake, polar bear, hill with trees, hot air balloon, rocks) and combined them into one composite picture using blending and masking. I really like the way the texture of the paper bleeds through into the mountains, but I wanted the lake smoothe, so I masked the background paper out on that part.

A newsprint brush to the wall of the house added a bit more interest, and I also blended one of the AB&P into the rock to give it some colour variation. You’ll notice the wire mesh is showing through the sky, but I left that in because I didn’t want the layout to look just like a photo. Next came the stars and hot air balloons to add a touch of whimsy. To finish off, I applied a style to the word art, which gave it a nice sheen.

artCrush No10 Collection by NBK-Design

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You can find some more inspiration in the NBK Gallery at the Lilypad.

That’s all for now,

Anne 🙂