Change or add more languages in Photoshop

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Change or add more languages in Photoshop


I think most of us have installed their Photoshop in their native language. But if you like to wacht tutorials , like me, most of the time they are in english. And for this it would be easier to easily change your photoshop to english (or another language).

So here it is how it works:

  • Open your  Creative Cloud desktop app
  • – Click the 3 dots


  • Choose preferences (Voreinstellungen)


  • Choose Creative Cloud  – Apps

  • Click the little arrow to open the drop down menue and choose a language

  • Close the creative cloud by clicking the X on the right upper corner or the arrow on the left

Open Photoshop and go to

  • Bearbeiten                                                                                                                  

  • Edit

  • Choose Interface (Benutzeroberfläche) and you can change your language


You can install all those languages you need.

Want a little fun ? Install chinese on your colleagues Photoshop or on your own and change it before you sit with your colleagues on your computer. I´m pretty sure he/she will be impressed 😉