Current Mood – Inspiration by Cindy

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Current Mood – Inspiration by Cindy

Hi! I’m Cindy, and I want to share with you a page I made using Current Mood Collection by NBK-Design. I wanted to play in Photoshop but not actually scrap any photo or memory, and here’s what I ended up with. I used mostly the Painter’s Toolbox, along with some Artsy Bits & Pieces, Doodled Frames, Loops, Magiclights and Watercolor papers. I can never get tired of using the NBK-Design Painter’s Toolboxes: they offer so many possibilities and they make me feel so creative!

You can find Current Mood by NBK-Design at The Lilypad. Be sure to check out the new option to buy individual packs or money saving bundles via a drop down menu.

For more inspiration, check out the NBK-Design gallery at the Lilypad

Current Mood by NBK-Design
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