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Free Lensflare

I made a little free gift for you recently. Actually I wanted it post already a time ago but somehow it was in my draft folder and I just found it. I love to use Lensflares for my images. You can give a Photo a extra glance. It get’s with a lensflare a total different feeling.

If you see this little cute hedgehog. In the image you can see some slight hues of purple. Thats why I have chosen a Lensflare with a purple color in it.
The Image shows not much difference, the purple in the image got more intense and a bit more contrast. I used the blending mode „screen”

another example is the next one. I use the Lensflare here to make the sunlight brighter and give the image a extra effect.

If you love to play with lensflares here is a little freebie for you.

Download can be found here: