Having fun with Painter’s Toolbox

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Having fun with Painter’s Toolbox

Hello, Cindy here with a digital painting I made in Photoshop with Anything is Possible Collection by NBK-Design, that has just been re-released at The Lilypad.

I used the brushes and styles from the Painter’s Toolbox, along with two word arts. I was inspired by this painting:

and tried to make a digital version. I always love mixing brushes and playing with styles. My only problem was that NBK-Design collections include so many designer tools that I have a hard time deciding what to choose!

You can find Anything is Possible by NBK-Design at The Lilypad. Be sure to check out the new option to buy individual packs or money saving bundles via a drop down menu.

Anything is Possible by NBK-Design

TLP Shop https://the-lilypad.com/store/Anything-is-Possible-options.html
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX6vyfKQ2WLUCZdma9ac8DiWo24422Xrp
NBK-DESIGN https://nbk-design.com/nbk-links/

Be sure to check out the NBK Design Galleryat The Lilypad for more inspiration!

Check out the NBK-Design Youtube Channel. You can find Tips, Tricks, Webinars and all the Collections Unpacking Videos.