How to use NBK-Design Products on an iPad Pro

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How to use NBK-Design Products on an iPad Pro

Hi there

after the huge feedback of my iPad drawing the last days, I have now worked on a workaround how you can use my products on your iPad pro.
First let me say. I work only with apple products, I cant give you any advice for PC users or if you use anything else than an iPad pro.
Here is a list of Apps and Tools I have and use for this Tutorial.

If you scroll down you will find a video “How to use NBK-Design Products on your iPad pro”

– Ipad Pro 10,5“ with 128 GB
– Apple Pencil
– Dropbox (pro Version with 1 TB space) on your ipad pro and on your computer
– Newest iOS 11 on ipad Pro with the new Files Folder
– Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
– Apps I use on my iPad Pro

  • Procreate available at the App Store
  • Apple Sketch (free) available at the App Store
  • Affinity available at the App Store

First of all what is important to know that files you can purchase in my shops are all optimized for print and canvases sized 12×12“.
Working on an IPad is bit different compared to work on a computer or laptop. Thats why I decided for me to resize all my products I want to use on my ipad to a size of 1500x1500px (Hight/width depends on the size of the original file). Sure you can take your NBK-Design Folders into your dropbox or your iCloud drive but you will see that you come fast on your limits or better said on the limits of the space on your ipad, dropbox and icloud drive. You should always first think about what you like to create on your iPad. Do you want to create something for print in 12×12“ or bigger, then you should leave the file sizes how they are and drop the tutorials how to resize them. Do you want to create a card or a letter size canvas, go and size down the files to a smaller version (How to do that read further).

Next is what you need to do. Select the files you like to use for your work with an ipad. Best Products are:

  • Artsy Bits & Pieces
  • Papers
  • Word Arts
  • Magiclights
  • Gessopieces

I am gonna show you now how to prepare your files that they are smaller to use on your ipad.

  • create somewhere a folder on your computer.
  • how you categorize them its up to you. You can name the folders like the collections or you create folders like artsy bits, word arts…
  • copy into that folder the files you like to have on your iPad

You can now already move this folder to your dropbox or your iCloud drive –
or you can now start to resize the files before your move them to the dropbox/iCloud drive.

How to do that:

  • Open the files (from the new created folder on your hard drive) in Photoshop or Photoshop-Elements
  • Go to Image / Image size and use the settings show in the following screenshot
  • Use the 1500px as width or height (you can see that the image was 8.10mb and is now 3,96mb which saves a lot of space on your iPad)
  • take care that you checked Resample, leave the resolution at 300 Pixels per Inch
  • hit OK
  • save the file (take care you really have opened the files from the NEW created folder on your hard drive and not the original folder, if so you would overwrite your ordered files)
  • follow that steps on each of the files you have in the folder.
  • when you are done, move that folder (unzipped) into your dropbox or your iCloud drive.
  • wait until everything is uploaded

NOW we can pick our ipad and start to play.
I will now start to show you how to use the nbk-design files with Adobe Sketch. This is a free app but you need an Adobe Account which is also free. If you have already a Creative Cloud Account you can use that. If you have Photoshop CC Version you will be even more happier… here we go

  • start the App Adobe Sketch on your ipad pro
  • You will see a preview of already created files (like its here to see at my ipad) or an empty space.
  • go to the right side to the blue plus button and tap on it
  • now you can chose of different canvas sizes. I use mostly the 2100x2100px or the A4 (which is almost the same size as letter size)

This is how your ipad with Adobe sketch now looks. In this post I only talk and show you have to use Files created by NBK-Design on your ipad. Loading Brushes will come up in a later posting.

Next step is HOW to open now all the files you have in your dropbox / icloud files, for that you need to use the new iOS with split screen.

  • slide from the botton of your ipad up, then the dock should show up
  • be sure that the icon of the file folder is in the dock (following screenshot)

  • tap now on the icon of the folder until it is selected and drag slowly the folder to the left or right side of your ipad (I have it always at the right side)
  • now you should see all your connected folders. If your dropbox not shows up, you need to download it from the app store or/and connect with it on your ipad
  • if you have your files on your icloud drive you should see the folder for sure.
  • now tap on the folder you have already loaded your files
  • I made my ipadfiles folder to a favorite folder, so I can later go faster to the files and do not need click myself thru all the folder again and again
  • we are almost there to start…. 🙂

if you now see the actual files (pngs and jpgs) you can finally start to play.
tap on a file, until it hoovers and then drag it on your your canvas, release it and it will need a few seconds and you have the file on your canvas, placed as a own layer. Its still selected and you can move it around on your canvas to finally place it, tap on Ok on the blue line on top of your ipad. The screen now shows the layers and the cavas with your already placed elements. If you want to move your layers tap on the layer icon and wait till it hoovers and then move it up or down. If you want to resize it, tap on the layer and a window will open and you can chose there transformation. Also you can find there some blending mods or you can delete from there the layer. Double tap on the layer will hide the layer, double tap again it will show the layer again.
Now its time to play. i really love to see all your created files at my Oscraps Gallery or at the group

if you are satisfied with your new created art journal page, scrapbook page or painting, you can save it by taping the icon i have marked in red.
Now you have some different ways to share or work on the file further.

  • IF you have your photoshopCC open on your computer/laptop, go to Adobe Desktop Application and chose Photoshop and the ipad file will open on your Computer/Laptop as a layered psd file. You have now the freedom to work on that file further or save it on your hard drive.
  • OR if you are happy with your file on your ipad you go to image and save it or share it wherever you like. Now you can share your art work with friends or on your social media channels.

And now everything also explained in a video. 🙂

You can see this page and some more pages made with this Collection in the NBK Design gallery at Oscraps

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