Inspiration : Remembrance

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Inspiration : Remembrance

Marie-claire aka Clin d’oeil Design here !

This collection give me the idea to take a closer look in my old, very old photos. I always loved this photo from my mom and her sister. they look so scared …! Were they afraid of the camera? It’s true that was not usual at that time. the photo is from 1937 ! My mom was 7 years old. And now she is 87 ! Incredible or not !?

The photo, of course, is scanned and has not a great definition and quality. But thanks digital scrapbooking we can give a new life, and also a new feeling on our beloved memories. This is not a very technical Layout. Sometimes we don’t need a lot of techniques ! The fold corners from the collection make the photo pop of the page. And some ABP underneath and in the left corner give some touch of color.

And this was enough for me !

You will find the products :

Remembrance Bundle :

Remembrance Artsy Bit and Pieces :

Remembrance Paper Watercolor :

Remembrance Folds&Corners – Brushes & Stamps :

And much more ! ! on –>

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