Layout inspiration by Danesa, for the February Easy Peasy Challenge

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Layout inspiration by Danesa, for the February Easy Peasy Challenge

Happy February!! Welcome to a new year of challenges from the NBK-Design crew!

Last year we noticed that some of you were having difficulties with some of the challenges because of software limitations. So this year we’re doing something different. There will now be something for everyone – every month! We will have 2 challenges running at the same time, for the entire month. Easy Peasy will be for those who just want to do something quick and simple, or don’t have more complex software. Advanced will be for those who enjoy a bit more of a challenge and want to expand their skills, and have the necessary software. You can, of course, take part in both challenges each month.
Also from now on we will be having two lucky winners for each challenge.

This week starts theNBK-Design’s Easy Peasy Challenge. It is a Template challenge and with Nicole’s newest Templates it will definitely be an easy peasy project. Here is a small explanation of the challenge.

February, the Month of Love, usually brings to mind people, especially our significant others, who warm our hearts. In this Template Challenge, we have a small twist. This love-fest is NOT about PEOPLE. Think of something in your life that brings small pleasures, whether you see it, read it, feel it or experience it. Also, feel free to give us some insight into why you love it.

Pick any of NBK-Design’s Templates to showcase your “love”ly design, whether it be her new Easy Peasy Templates or a more complex one.

Here, you can find all the details for the Easy Peasy Challenge. I hope you will come and join us!

Here is my layout and I used:

Easy Peasy Starter 01 [12 x 12 Template]
Art & Love Collection