Layout Inspiration by Danesa using Sandy Beaches

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Layout Inspiration by Danesa using Sandy Beaches

Happy Weekend, everyone! We are having a bit of a heat wave and when I look at Nicole’s newest Sandy Beaches Collection I think of the cool beaches and watering holes, across the world, and think how lovely it would be to be there and cool down.

From the cool blues, colors of sand, vivid colors of coral reefs beneath the deep oceans and the stony and craggy mountainsides, that line many coasts, this collection will give you various ideas for your water adventure photos. One of my favorite items, in this collection, is the Artsy Overlays. You will love them.

In my first layout, I used Weekly Template No. 27 and transformed it onto its side, to fit my Sicily photo. I used the stone brush to mimic the stone wall along the shore and also brushes that bring in the deep crevices of the mountainside. I added many of the beautiful & colorful styles and textures which Nicole included.

In the second layout, I layered brushed styles, magic lights and touches of Artsy Bits & Pieces to give the turtle overlay its many colors and textures, as he swims to the depths of the ocean for his perfect escape into his new home. I used one of the Layered Masks, covered with a couple of brushes, to anchor my title.

Nicole’s Sandy Beaches Collection YouTube Channel post will show you the inside of this huge collection and give you tips and examples on using its individual products.

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