Make a Page Episode 1 Video Tutorial

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Make a Page Episode 1 Video Tutorial

Hi everyone I have a tutorial for you today :

Make a Page Episode 1

As promised NBK Design blog will have more educational  tutorials  showing you how to do a page with NBK Design products  or using  them in a more practical way .


Just bare with us how to make this  educational and instructive but not very long  in this first one I wanted to show you in more detail my process and how I change ideas often so its a bit long so grab a coffee or tea 🙂


Also we have planned for future tutorials :


  • how to use brushes
  • how to blend with brushes
  • how to blend and mix products
  • how to use templates
  • how to use styles together in a page
  • how to combine artsy bits and pieces and make clusters and overlays .


A lot more to come 🙂


This is all things I used here


Carefree Urban Masks

Alessio Art Overlays


Electric Youth Solid Paper

Grungy Brushes

Alessio Script Pieces

Re Invent Mixed Media Papers

Electric Youth Magic Light

Electric youth Arty Bits and Pieces 1

Re Invent Glass Acrylic and Gradient Style

Electric Youth Paint Brushes


Electric Youth Styles

I hope you enjoy the Video and if you have questions or suggestions let us know