More ArtCrush 10 Inspiration with Anne/aka Oldenmeade

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More ArtCrush 10 Inspiration with Anne/aka Oldenmeade

Hi everyone! Anne here with a page I made using ArtCrush 10 from NBK Design at The Lilypad. This is one of those collections you’ll want to use over and over again. I made this page for the photography challenge at The Lilypad. I chose pp 8 for my background because I loved the big swoosh of the feather. I rotated it so that it would lead down from the photos, off the edge of the page.

In looking at the finished layout, I really like the contrast of cold/hard/sharp against soft/pastel/round. The metal of the train is cold and dark, and the angles of the photos and stars are sharp. Then there’s the delicious softness of that pink flower – like a ballerina’s tutu, the pastel colours of the paper and elements, and the curving lines of the fonts. I didn’t deliberately set out to make the contrasts (I’m not that smart!) – it was just a happy accident.

And now I’m off to make myself a nice siggie with these kits too.

artCrush No10 Collection by NBK-Design

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You can find some more inspiration in the NBK Gallery at the Lilypad.

That’s all for now,

Anne 🙂