New Beginning – Project Life 2016


New Beginning – Project Life 2016



New Year – new Start – New Beginning…. colorful with so many according products and a new set of Storybook Templates, this is how my first Collection of this years project “All about Life” starts.

I love this collection with all the different pieces. Esp the new Journal Cards “Art *n Photo) Layered Templates, easy to use and printable when they are customized by you.

The Storybook MINI Templates are now in a different size. I thought now to change that to cover a different type of photo books for you. The lettersize gets more and more used in the digital scrapworld as it gives you the freedom to print out the pages at your home desktop-printer. Also the amount of the pages got less. 12 Pages with them you can cover your monthly photos. Its less stress to get them done and the amount of the pages will reduce when you decide to let them print. Also the price itself for the product got down to 7.50$ for a pack.

The weekly Templates will be the same like the last years, only that I have now now an overview double-page in the shops. You can place in this templates your favorite images of the month. Only an album with the overview-templates will be a wonderful memory of 2016.

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