On the Bright Side – layout inspiration by Danesa

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On the Bright Side – layout inspiration by Danesa

I hope you are having a bright and cheery day!

Nicole’s On the Bright Side, is filled with bright, cheerful colors that will make you smile while playing with each part of it. You will want to jump over to her store, at The LilyPad, and began coloring your page with happiness.

On the Bright Side by NBK-Design
TLP Shophttps://the-lilypad.com/store/On-the-Bright-Side-option.html

You will want to check out Nicole’s YouTube Unpacking of On the Bright Side and get tips and watch her create a beautiful layouts.

In my layout, called Abigail, I blended her onto one of Nicole’s splendid Urban Papers (with a couple of masks,) added some styles on a few Art graphics, a sprinkling of colorful artsy bits overlay on the bottom, covered the button with a loopilalooza and finished it off with several word arts.