Quicktip No 3 for Photoshop: Blend a text

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Quicktip No 3 for Photoshop: Blend a text

Hello AnikA here with a quick tip how to blend a text into a photo or paper.

Let´s start.

1. If you want to make a scrap layout open a paper first. If you only want to try this tip, just open a photo.

2. Drag your photo on the paper . I will apply a mask on my photo, because I want to make a scrap layout at the end.

3. Go to your type tool and type a word

4. Got to Layer – Layer Style- Gradient Overlay

5. On the layer style window click in the gradient and the gradient editor loads.

Left mouse click on a color stop and then left mouse click on color and the color picker opens. If the color picker window is open, click somewhere in your photo to pick a color. Should one at the bottom of the word. The other color stop can be white or if you prefer another color, change it. Click ok on the color picker window and on the gradient window. Let the layer style window open, go to your word, left mouse click and you can move the gradient, up and down. If you like your gradient click ok

6. Apply a mask on your word

7. Choose a soft brush and make it big. Make sure your foreground color is black and brush over the bottom of your word. If you brushed to much, change the foreground color to white and brush over the word to bring it back.

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