re-Invent – Inspiration by Cindy

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re-Invent – Inspiration by Cindy

Hi! I’m Cindy, and I want to share with you a page I made using re-Invent Collection by NBK-Design, that has just been re-released at The Lilypad. Inspired by the theme of transformation and change, I wanted to draw a butterfly using the amazing Painter’s Toolbox of the collection, but all my efforts ended up with childish results. Then I noticed the Splatters folder and started arranging them on my page (I used the png files to make my life easier!). I duplicated and inverted each png file and ended up with something that indeed looks like a butterfly. The body is made with an Awesome real Paintstroke, while the background is a Brown Paper with some brushes and styles.

You can find re-Invent by NBK-Design at The Lilypad. Be sure to check out the new option to buy individual packs or money saving bundles via a drop down menu.

re-Invent by NBK-Design

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