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Space Night Collection inspiration

Space Night Collection – May the force be with you by Marianne

The Space Night Collection is a collection with a dreamy feel to it. Beautiful colors and textures to create a wonderful dreamy mood in your pages! Mine became an outer space page, and for this page I used:
Space Night Artsy Bits and Pieces No 1
Space Night Artsy Bits and Pieces No 2
Space Night Magic Lights
Space Night Wordarts
Space Night Paper-Set: Solids
SpaceNight Paper-Pieces
Space Night Painters-Toolbox: Acrylic Brushes

And here is a short description of how I made it:

I gave the photo a lot more contrast with the Curves Adjustmentlayers.
In a new document I clipped the photo to an Artsy Bit piece and I blended a copy of that Artsy Bit piece on top in with Colorburn Blendmode in low opacity. I placed the backgroundpaper and copied it and used some blendmodes that I blended in with a Layermask. I placed several Artsy Bits and Pieces in different Blendmodes and also some Paper-Pieces. I placed another photo in the background from a spaceship and blended it in with a Layermask. I set the Blendmode to screen. Another copy of the photo I made a sketch of was placed over it for some more contour. I placed Magic Lights in different blendmodes. I gave the Wordart some colors from the layout with color brushes. I placed the star element for some depth. I placed some Acrylic Brushes.
After the merging I sharpened the page and did some Dodge and Burn work.

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I have used products from: Space Night Collection by NBK-Design
– the used products can be purchased at:



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