Tip No 2 : Color range in a mask in Photoshop


Tip No 2 : Color range in a mask in Photoshop

Hello ,

AnikA here with a new Photoshop quick tip for you.

Sometimes we have a great photo we want to use in our scrap layout but some parts of the photo (a hat , a sweater and so on ), don´ t match with the colors of the kit.

We can easily change this.

So lets start:In my tutorial I used a photo from depositphotos

1. Open your photo and create a new adjustment layer by clicking the ball on the bottom

2. Select Hue/Saturation

3. In my example I want to change the red part into pink. Move the sliders till you have the color you want.

4. What happened now , that also the other colors changed. The blue is turquoise, the skin gets a pink tone and we don´t want this.

5. Click in the layer mask thumbnail or the mask symbol and choose color range. You may have to scroll to see

6. Click on your original photo in this area which you want to change. Your mouse turns into a tweezer. If you want to select more than one part, press shift and click all the parts .

7. What happened now is that all red parts turned into pink, so there are also parts in the skin which are now a little bit more pink. To see this clear turn off the eye of the adjustment layer to see the difference.

8. Make sure the adjustment layer mask is still active and that your foreground and background color is black/white. Choose a round brush . make your foreground color black to bring back the original colors.

9. There are some parts where the red is still visible. To make them pink, make sure your foreground color is white, choose a brush and paint over these areas. Don´ t worry if you paint in other parts of the photo you don´ t want to change, if this happens, choose black as foreground color and paint over these areas.

That´s it, Try it and let us see your results