Wanderlust Collection Layout Inspiration by Danesa

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Wanderlust Collection Layout Inspiration by Danesa

Happy Friday! Nicole has given us a wonderful weekend treat. In the part of the USA, I live in, there are mountains, beaches, lakes and so many outside activities to enjoy. This new Wanderlust Collection covers any outdoor adventure you can imagine. The colors of emerald and turquoise, amongst all the colors of the outdoors, will have you making trails to your adventures so you can document them with this fabulous collection.

The brushes and the textures of various outdoor terrains are amazing. The papeterie Nicole has included make art journaling these adventures a cinch. Make sure you click on all the options to see everything she has stashed in this collection.

This Collection is on sale, 20% off today through Sunday (May 24-26)

Wanderlust by NBK-Design
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Here is a layout I made using Wanderlust.