Inspiration using ArtCrush 10 by Jane

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Inspiration using ArtCrush 10 by Jane

Hello, Jane here today with a seasonal layout to get you in the Christmas mood. I’ve just spent a lovely morning decorating the house. Normally, I would have had that done a week ago, but we have had company visiting so it has had to wait a bit longer this year.

My page was created with the brand new

ArtCrush No10 Collection by NBK-Design

TLP Shop artCrush no10 Collection by NBK-Design

TLP Shop:


Here are the steps I used to create the page. I started with Art Crush Paper 1, then I overlaid Art Crush Paper 9 and set the blend mode to multiply. I added my photo, duplicated it then added a layer mask to each layer and began adding back the photo. The first photo layer was set to color burn. I played with the second layer quite a bit and ended up simplifying it as I couldn’t get quite the effect I was looking for, then reducing the opacity and remasking that layer and setting it to multiply. At that point, I sampled a color from the photo then adjusted the hue/saturation of the two paper layers. I added several layers of brushes below the photo, sampling colors and changing the blending modes to linear burn or overlay and adjusting opacity as I went. After adding an Artsy Bit down the left side and a brush on the right. I added one of the styles to the brush to give it some texture but it wasn’t enough texture so I added a blank white layer and applied a style to the whole layer. This layer was simplified, then the blend mode changed to linear burn and the opacity reduced to 50%. Finally, the word art and stars were added.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend,