Remembrance layout inspiration by Danesa

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Remembrance layout inspiration by Danesa

Today, ONLY, Nicole’s Remembrance Collection is on sale for 50% off – Wednesday, October 30th!

I was so inspired by the lovely, softly gentle colors and the amazing Painters Toolbox products. You will use this one over and over in so many themes. Take advantage of today’s Sale!

I found the description of this collection to be so fundamentally true.

“Most of us will have experienced some form of grief in our lives. Remembrance is about and for, those we have lost. This touching collection with its greys, muted tones and artistic papers, will help keep your loved ones in your memories, and honor the contribution they made to your life.”

Remembrance by NBK-Design
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This is a page I made in honor of my sweet little Mom. One photo is six months before we lost her in 2015, as she gathered flowers from my garden, one is as a young mom to my sister and me and the other is a sketch I did of her from a photo of when she was 15 years old.