Undone Inspiration with Anne/aka Oldenmeade

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Undone Inspiration with Anne/aka Oldenmeade

Hi everyone! Anne here with a page I made using the Undone collection from NBK Design at The Lilypad.

I was searching around for a photo that would fit in with the colours and theme of the collection when I stumbled across the photo of the dog and the chewed up chair. It cracked me up because we had a chair exactly that same style and it ended up in exactly the same state, thanks to our puppy Womble. We’d just got a some new leather couches shortly before Womble came in to our lives. So we tucked the new couches away in the spare bedroom for several months until Womble outgrew his chewing phase. I was a bit worried that having been allowed to chew on the old armchair, he would think it was ok to chew on the new couches when they came out of hiding. But by then he only had to be told NO a few time and he soon accepted that couches were not for eating. So that’s the story behind this layout 🙂

Undone by NBK-Design
TLP Shop https://the-lilypad.com/store/Undone-choose-from-different-Options.html
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX6vyfKQ2WLU44dVCX7koogHtjiXJUgM1
NBK-DESIGN https://nbk-design.com/nbk-links/
Photo: Envato Elements ud
NB: The frames in the layout are from one of the templates from the collection.

Happy Scrapping!